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Novus Buyers Guide Launched

Novus Buyers Guide

Innovative and eco-focused publisher Novus Media Today introduced their NOVUS BUYER'S GUIDE today. The Who's Who of Green Technology Companies, this unique online resource provides powerful tools for companies around the world to effectively and efficiently describe and promote their products and services.

NOVUS BUYER'S GUIDE employs a wide range of innovative features including:


  • Multiple, highly intuitive search capabilities that allow visitors to quickly locate companies and their products and services on the basis of technologies served, geography, product categories served and company name - or a combination of these parameters
  • Company and product showcases in multiple locations, generating far more exposure for these organizations
  • Company videos and white papers on multiple pages including home page
  • A variety of user-friendly resources such as interactive maps, email forms, contact information
  • A far greater breadth of technologies served than any existing guide


Companies have three display options from which to choose, each with a variety of features and benefits. Every company listing includes a proprietary eStorefront, a multi-purpose resource center for customers and prospects that provides a company description, contact information, interactive map and email forms and product category listings - all at no cost.


Companies can easily add their information by clicking on the Add Your Company button at the top of every page. A highly intuitive form guides users through the simple process.




An important distinction of the NOVUS BUYER'S GUIDE is the Novus Green Practices Awards. Created to help eco-conscious companies garner the recognition they deserve for meeting strict criteria, these four awards are bestowed on companies based on their proven accomplishments in Green Products, Green Manufacturing, Recycling and Energy Efficiency. The earned awards are represented by full-color icons and are displayed in a variety of areas on the NOVUS BUYER'S GUIDE site - but consistently so on the eStorefront page.


"Green companies will define our personal and business futures. We applaud those companies who have achieved these important goals to earn these awards," said Novus Media Today's Marketing Director Jeff Myers. "These very special awards are a testament to the vision and hard work of organizations who understand the profound importance to us all to embrace "thinking and acting green."