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About Us

Novus Media Today Is...

... conceived for today’s world, where going green is vital to the survival of our planet. Novus Media Today is an eco- friendly international media company delivering up-to-the-minute online publications and e-newsletters that provide the latest news, analysis and original reporting on today’s newest technologies, products and ventures that will affect the way we live tomorrow.

Green technology is a critical movement that is shaping the future of the world. Novus Media Today is the global resource for forward- looking companies and their efforts to embrace this movement.

Through Novus Media Today’s online publications, scientists, researchers, engineers, analysts, investors and technical professionals will find insightful, original reporting on today’s newest technologies, products, and forums in which to exchange information.

Novus Media Today: delivering timely information on the worlds latest innovation in green technologies


Novus Media Today delivers relevant and timely information insights on the world’s latest innovations in green technologies. A digitally driven publisher, Novus Media Today is committed to informing and inspiring its readers to realize the full potential of a greener global business environment.