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Novus Media Today Announces Penny Pretty as Group Publisher

Penny Pretty - Novus Media Today LLC Group PublisherNovus Media Today, LLC., an international media company, announced today the appointment of Penny Pretty as Group Publisher.


Ms. Pretty has assumed day-to-day responsibilities for the content of all Novus Media Today publications. With oversight of worldwide marketing and sales, she is responsible for developing and launching a stream of profitable opportunities in an increasingly competitive market.


Located in London, UK, Ms. Pretty will provide the organization with strategic and entrepreneurial leadership to achieve its plans for continued global growth. Supporting these goals is her ability to speak six languages as well as a strong intellectual rigor and excellent communication skills.


“We are delighted that Penny has elected to head the Novus team,” said Ron Sherwood, a founder of the company. “She brings a unique and remarkable palette of talents including her well known initiative, vision and energy.” Mr. Sherwood added, “Importantly, Penny has a strong passion for “green” technologies as well as the importance of ecoresponsibility as it positively impacts the well being of all the inhabitants of Earth.”


Ms. Pretty has extensive experience in the editorial and sales aspects of the business-to-business publishing industry. Prior to joining Novus Media Today Ms. Pretty worked for US-based Laurin Publishing Company, initially expanding the reach and successfully growing sales for their flagship publication Photonics Spectra. In 2008, she was promoted to Associate Publisher for their European Publication EuroPhotonics.


While maintaining Novus Media Today’s already high standards, Ms. Pretty stated that she intends to create a culture of continuous improvement that inspires a constant quest for excellence. “I am exceptionally pleased to be a part of this organization,” said Ms. Pretty. “In a short period of time it has demonstrated remarkable vitality and enjoyed tremendous success. Continuing that track record will be a challenge and a joy.”


Novus Media Today publishes Solar Novus Today, an on-line publication serving the global solar industry; Solar Flares, a semi-monthly eNewsletter featuring unique insights and analysis; The Novus Buyer’s Guide, a powerful global directory of eco-friendly technology companies, products and services. In addition, The Marketing Newsletter provides insights and information for building brands and business. Both eNewsletters are enjoying vibrant growth and are available without charge on an opt-in basis.


Since its launch in late 2010, Solar Novus Today has doubled its readership and is now a staple for the solar industry’s thought leaders.


The Novus Buyer’s Guide utilizes the full capabilities of the web to provide its worldwide users with an unprecedented range of highly intuitive features that delivers a world of information.


About Novus Media Today

The greening of technology is a critical trend shaping the future of the world. Novus Media Today is the global resource for forward-looking companies in their efforts to embrace this trend. Through Novus Media Today’s online publications, scientists, researchers, engineers, analysts, investors and technical professionals will find insightful, original reporting on today’s newest technologies, products and forums in which to exchange information.