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Novus Light Technologies Today 1
  • Novus Light Technologies Today

    Novus Light Technologies Today illuminates and informs a worldwide audience of engineers and scientists, who develop, use, commercialise and install the light-based technologies that create a brighter, more efficient tomorrow.

Solar Novus Today 2
  • Solar Novus Today

    Solar Novus Today combines the strengths of traditional journalism with today’s online technology to deliver insights and information on solar products, manufacturing, test and measurement, business and government policy. Every day our editors provide insightful, original reporting and in-depth news and analysis for a worldwide audience of engineers, scientists, integrators who develop, use, commercialise and install solar photovoltaic and concentrating solar energy products.

Novus Buyer's Guide 3
  • Novus Buyer’s Guide

    Novus Media Today’s online Directory, Novus Buyer's Guide, is the only Buyer’s Guide you will ever need. With simple, intuitive and powerful search functions, Novus Buyer's Guide is the global resource for companies looking to gain a keen, competitive edge. Anywhere in the world.

Mission Statement

Novus Media Today delivers relevant and timely information insights on the world’s latest innovations in green technologies. A digitally driven publisher, Novus Media Today is committed to informing and inspiring its readers to realize the full potential of a greener global business environment.


Novus Media Today offers a growing stable of online publications. 

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